Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Trusted by more doctors. Preferred by more patients.


Radiology and Nuclear Medicine has delivered Excellence in Radiology and Radiation Oncology to Topeka and other communities throughout Northeast Kansas since 1959. As the largest radiology group in Kansas, we offer a full range of professional services from basic x-ray interpretations, to the latest interventional and therapeutic treatments and diagnostic imaging services. Our team of Board Certified physicians provides professional diagnostic and interventional radiology services at hospitals and other healthcare facilities located throughout Northeast Kansas.

Patients in need of radiation therapy for cancer and other diseases will find Radiology and Nuclear Medicine physicians prescribing and managing advanced treatments in Topeka at St. Francis Health Center.








Our Mission

The mission of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine is to deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective radiology and radiation oncology services for all patients, physicians and health care institutions for whom we provide care. We will continue to be independent advocates for all patients requiring radiology and radiation oncology services, even in the context of a complex health care environment. We seek to optimize the personal and professional fulfillment of our physicians and staff.